Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What are my books REALLY worth?

I used to be a book collector until the day I ran out of space. I'd track down an author's complete backlist and stack them on a shelf somewhere. I'd get around to them eventually.

Before the likes of Amazon and eBay, I used to locate hard-to-find books the old-fashioned way -- I drove from store to store. But this could take quite awhile. No matter how difficult to locate, I knew I'd find it eventually. Now, of course, with so many people selling books online, those little gems are a lot harder to find in stores, but they're only a click away on the internet. I picked up Mary Balogh's complete backlist last year in a couple of weeks -- this would have taken me years on my own!

The problem was I kept finding new authors and I couldn't read them all fast enough. Something had to give. Since I don't reread books, the books I'd already read were the obvious choice to get rid of. I knew many of them were supposedly worth a lot of money, but which ones? Well, now I can find out!

FictionDB will now show you the used price of all the books you've organized in My Bookshelf, My Archive, and My Wishlist. Click Here for the direct link or go to My Account and then to Value My Books.

Some books I thought were worth something aren't and vice versa. It sure was fun having a look. I have a new reading strategy now -- read the expensive ones and sell them :)

Let us know if you find a diamond in the rough!

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