Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FictionDB is Up! Woohoo!!!!!!

My nightmare is finally over!!

FictionDB is again available for subscriber login. When the login worked this morning, I really couldn't beleive my eyes. After the last week of one failure after another, I really didn't dare hope that things were finally resolved.

Okay, so what do you need to know?

1) Subscriber data on the site is from February 6. The site didn't actually go down until the 12th and I know many of you may have made changes when the site was going up and down. However, we found instances of questionable data with backups after February 6. We made the decision to go with the backup from the day before the server was damaged in the data center move. We need to ensure that the data on FictionDB going forward is stable. We apologize to anyone who is greatly impacted by this, but I hope you see our point of view.

2) Anyone who made a payment after February 6 has already had their account updated with their new expiration date. However, you will need to pick your free book again. We will also send out e-mail reminders to those impacted.

3) If you registered for a free trial after February 6, your login information is no longer in the system. Please go ahead and try another 3-day trial. We're really not as bad as you've been led to believe over the last week :)

4) Obviously we were in a great hurry to get the site back up and running, so we haven't tested everything as thoroughly as we would like. If you notice any errors or inconsistencies with the data, please don't hesitate to let us know.


Luna Moon said...

Working in the IT field myself, I felt your pain.
I hadn't realized how addicted I had become to your website.
When will the covers' images come back?

Christa said...

weird I had one cover image but when I checked a few others they weren't there. It's great to be here again, never realized how addicting it was

FictionDB said...

We're working on the covers right now. They should be ready by tomorrow.

Caffey said...

I too never realized how much I depended on FictionDB until it was down. Know that this site is so appreciated and you are at FictionDB.

This morning its down but may be a problem on my side? I did email before I realized that I did save the blog link to check here first for any updates! But it is down so I wondered too if you had times of the day that its down when you work on the site? I just wondered.

Thanks again for everything!