Saturday, February 16, 2008

FictionDB Status

Everything is almost ready. Everything except the data -- what you really want, of course. The database piece is not quite finished.

I'm hopeful that the site will be fully operational soon -- We've hired an expert database administrator to speed things up. He's working on it now. Unfortunately he's running into problems as well.

I'll post here again when the site is fully operational.

I cannot begin to tell you how hard this has been on us knowing that our customers are being so thoroughly disappointed. When the site does come back up, all of our subscribers will be given an extra month's subscription. I know this can't possibly begin to make up for the outage, but we would at least like to try to make amends.

As for this happening in the future -- we will do our best to prevent it. It was unforeseeable that our server would be damaged in routine data center maintenance, but that's no excuse. Our new server is state-of-the-art and comes with a backup server, so that in the case of one of the hard drives going down, the other will still be available.

Hopefully we've had enough bad luck with this to last a lifetime. We appreciate your patience.


KatherineT said...

Kelly ... glad to hear the site is almost ready again .... so sorry for all your headaches

learning experience for us all ... I hadn't realized just how many times a day I've been popping in here ... a real eye openner!

I can't speak for others, but the extra month is appreciated ...

I'll be glad when you up and running again!

Good luck!

Christa said...

argg sorry to hear the switch is giving you such a headache.

Like Katherine I didn't realize how often I come to the site... it's a daily occurance. It's true what they say You don't really know what you have til it'e gone.

The extra month is great. Thank you.

Good luck getting thing up and running again.