Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I swear I must be jinxed!

I've always thought of myself as being a lucky person. Everything tends to go my way most of the time. Well, I can now tell you I am paying for all those other times.

So where are we? The login procedure isn't working. Nothing has been changed from the old server, it just doesn't work. ??? So, I'm having the developer who created the software look into it. I don't have an uptime yet. Sorry!

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Anonymous said...

Are the log-in problems the reason the Multi-Search feature isn't working (apparently)? When I try to do a search, the result says "Sorry. No titles in the database match your search criteria." I get this message for search terms that should definitely yield results (e.g., major publisher/2008).

If this is a log-in issue, would it be possible for the Multi-Search feature to be temporarily enabled for "free use" so that subscribers can use it?