Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FictionDB Is Now For Everyone!

We’ve got great news!

FictionDB is now for everyone -- the occasional reader who just pops in for a little information every once in a while and the hard-core reader who needs full access to the best fiction database on the web. Which category do you fall in? If you’re like me, that would be the second one.

If you’re just an occasional visitor, you now have access to a lot more information than you did before. So what does this mean? Well, you will definitely see advertising – there’s always a price to be paid, isn’t there? But along with the advertising, you’ll also be able to see the complete author book lists, the books in a series, and the title detail page.

Subscribers will see the same site as they did before, but with a few upgrades. You definitely won’t see a lick of advertising, but if you really want to see the advertising…just kidding. And, since you’re not seeing ads, the site will be much faster. You’ll also have access to more data on each page of the site. Most authors’ data is now all on one page – no more clicking through pages looking for that one book. We’ve also modified many of the pages to speed up the database processing.

For a detailed list of the features, click here.

We’re really excited about sharing FictionDB with a lot more people, so help us spread the word. Many of you belong to other online groups and if it seems appropriate, tell them about the changes to the site. The more the merrier!


Donna Mc said...

Good move! I'm a happy subscriber, but I've recommended your site to quite a few friends. Some have been put off by the subscription. This seems like a good compromise. I also really appreciate more info per page, fewer pages. Thanks!


KatherineT said...

Kelly, I'm loving all the great changes you are making to the site ... I'm glad the database is being openned for everyone .... for years I didn't use the "premium features" as I really just needed the database ... however, now that I've started truly using the bookshelf etc, I couldn't live without it!

looking forward to all the exciting changes yet to come!


Unknown said...

I think it's a great idea, although I'm still quite unhappy with the end of the free book gift for a subscription. Will you be reconsidering your decision?