Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Changes to the New Fiction Page

February 15, 2013

As most of you have noticed, we have been adding LOTS of new books (eBooks, self-published books and other editions). We now have over 500,000 titles listed on the site (you don't want to know how many different editions). While this is great for FictionDB overall, it has made our New Fiction pages rather unwieldy.

So we've made a few changes and plan to add more in the near future.

1) Release date is now shown in the date column. Sorting on this column will give you books in release date order. Books without a specific release date default to the first of the month. The biggest change is that books released at the end of a month will now be shown in the actual month released rather than the official publication date listed inside the book. We do plan on adding a toggle for this date at some point.

2) The New Fiction pages now default to "First Release". All of the other books are still there -- you'll just need to select the "All" option under editions to see them. This dramatically cuts down on the number of books listed for any given month.

3) Under Filters, we've added a new one "Major Publishers". We know the self-published books now far outnumber the traditionally published books, so this option will exclude self-published books.

We also plan on adding several more filters for the new fiction pages, but until then you can always use the advanced search to get exactly what you're looking for.

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