Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tea Cups Now. What's Later?

November 30, 2011

     I recently read the article “Are Tea Cups the Next Chick-Lit Cover Cliché?” by L.V. Anderson at (Kelly recently supplied a link to the article on Facebook).  I found in an interesting and thought-provoking piece.  I confess that, prior to reading the article, I have not given Chick-Lit (or any lit) covers much consideration.  I know, that was quite naïve of me and I consider myself a savvy consumer.

       To summarize the article, the author suggests that the change in covers from high-heels and purses to tea cups is a sign of our economic times and changing value.  Hmmm.  I thinkAndersonhas a valid point.  It’s a bit like hemlines, isn’t it?  Times are good, hemlines go up; times are bad and it’s “cover those knees, ladies”.

            I know that books are often reflections on our cultural identity and values, but tea cups?  Aside from the feminine symbolism, tea cups also connote modesty and demureness -- worthwhile virtues in a post-recession world.  Tea is common and everyday, unlike designer shoes and a nightclub lifestyle.  I’m all for highlighting the virtues of restraint and self-control but I little frivolity is nice too.

            So, my reader friends out there, are you going to be checking to see what the new trend in Chick-Lit covers is going to be?  I’m hoping it’s something a bit less prim than teacups but a lot less scary than broken mirrors.  I’m rooting for rare and beautiful birds (which is what I like to think women are), what about you?

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