Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Want to receive e-mail alerts when new books are added by your favorite authors?

February 20, 2012

Around 2000 new titles a month are added to FictionDB. In the past you've had to rely on the New Books by Favorite Authors page to see your new favorites. Now you can sign up to get an e-mail whenever a new book by one of your favorite authors is added to the site.

To sign up for the new e-mails:
- click on Account from the upper right menu
- click on Update Account Information from your main account page
- check the box for Get an e-mail when a new book by one of your favorite authors is added
- click Update and you're done

If you use hotmail or msn as your e-mail address and want to use this service, you'll need to change your e-mail address on the account. Unfortunately, hotmail and msn send our e-mails into cyberspace and we still can't figure out why :(

Don't worry, you won't be inundated with e-mails for reissues. We are confining the e-mails to new titles added to the site.

If you've never used the Favorite Authors feature of FictionDB, now's your chance. To add an author to your faves, just click on those little grey hearts next to the author's name. The heart will turn red and the author has been added to your Favorite Authors List.

This has been one of our most requested features and I'm glad we finally offer it to our visitors!

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