Monday, August 12, 2013

Giant Robots Attack FictionDB!

Sounds like a science fiction plot, doesn't it? Unfortunately for us, it's been science fact for the last couple of days. You might have heard of Denial of Service attacks -- it's when a robot sends thousand of spiders at the same time to a website. Under normal circumstances, our infrastructure can handle spikes in traffic, but this was way out of the ordinary. So when will it end? Well, we don't know exactly, but we've done everything we can to minimize the site outages. Don't worry, the robots aren't interested in hacking into the site, they're just trying to be disruptive -- and they have succeeded!

What this has also done is made us assess our current hardware. We'd like to think that this was a one-time deal, but it's probably not. This morning we purchased brand new, sparkly, super-fast hardware. It will take us a couple of days to get FictionDB up and running on the new hardware. You can expect some downtime later in the week when we move your personal lists to the new machine. We'll keep you posted on that as we go along.

So, BAD for the short term and GOOD for the long term.

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