Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Status - Did Not Finish

Every year around this time, I take a look at my reading for the year. Unfortunately, this was a big year for DNF (Did Not Finish). In the past, I identified these books with a 1-star rating. Since I had so many of them this year, I began to think about it a little more and decided it probably wasn't fair of me to give these books one star. Maybe they are great books, but just not for me. Huh. So how I would I denote these books? I obviously needed a new status code. Lucky for me, I can add status codes whenever I want. You will now see the new Status Code (D) for did not finish.

What other status codes make sense, but are missing from FictionDB? Let me know and I'll see about getting them added.


Unknown said...

I like DNF. I have a lot of those in the free db. You could also include DNFE for Did Not Finish Editing (meaning the author, or you as well.) ;p I would include LBWI: Long But Worth It for CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and THE GOLDFINCH. I loved, and finished both, but I saw a lot of people on social media sites, including Goodreads, that were wondering about THE GOLDFINCH which surprised me as I think it's one of our literary masterpieces for out time. Good work!

Unknown said...

I agree, need more status flags. Not to over do it but I agree the DNF is a good one. I am using one of my 'type' flags to identify unread but in my library. I have so many in ebook form now stored in Calibre. Be nice to be able to import the list into FictionDB although many are non-fiction classics.