Monday, April 20, 2020

A Trip Down Memory Lane -- Part 1, Before the Turn of the Century

FictionDB has been on the web for over twenty years now! Can you believe it? Since we're all in isolation/quarantine, we felt like now would be a good time to memorialize some of our early website designs in our blog.

Have you been with us since Day One? Here's a quick trip down memory lane ...

Back in the day, late-1999, we used to call carve out our database by genre. RomanceDB, MysteryDB, SuspenseDB, etc. But, because Romance dominates the paperback marketplace, we launched with RomanceDB in November, 1999.

Here is the earliest home page that was published. Cool fonts, right?

And, this is what the page looked like when you drilled down into RomanceDB. I love this time machine.

We'll post our early 21st Century designs later this week!

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