Thursday, April 23, 2020

Memory Lane Part 2: Colors, Colors, Colors

Around 2000, we worked with a graphic designer to make FictionDB look splashier and more professional. This was the height of the boom and we were riding along with it.

The FictionDB homepage went to a bright yellow with blue accents, along with a beautiful swoopy navigation bar, and we created a more stylized logo too. This was the era of VGA (640 x 480)and SVGA (800 x 600) cathode ray tube monitors. Remember those?!

FictionDB in blue and gold.

And then we went nuts with all of the genres. Each genre had its own color scheme. The romance sections were pink, Mystery was a blood red and SpeculativeDB was a Halloween-esque pumpkin orange.

What do you think? I miss these days.

We'll take a look at the mid-2000s designs in a few days. I hope you're enjoying our walk down memory lane.

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