Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Memory Lane Part 3: The Mid-2000s

By the mid-2000s, folks were getting bigger and better monitors for their computers. So, FictionDB had to evolve. Now that there was more screen real-estate, we could fill it in with more book information.

Here is our homepage from 2006. Key additions:
  • We added a graphical element to our logo, a stylized book with a color gradient pages that are fanned out.
  • In addition to our book tracking features, we used to offer a book selling marketplace too. Wow, almost forgot about that!
  • Many more quick links to take you deeper into the site, where most of you spend your time anyway.

And, as before, we kept the color themes for each genre. Who else misses the candy-colored buttons?!

As computer screens got bigger, little things were on the horizon -- the iPhone was about to be launched later in the decade. We were so used to designing for larger screens, then all of sudden we had to be prepared for the mobile web too. We'll discuss this next time ... happy reading, folks!

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