Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Memory Lane Part 4: The Modern Era

By 2010, screen were getting bigger and bigger, but at the same time folks were going mobile. So, we had to evolve to designs that could be easily viewed on both large and small screens. We streamlined our look too, moving away from the multi-color genre variations and we have stuck with more of a blue-themed design.

Our logo has changed over the years too, from lower case to mixed case, with and without our book graphic. Today, it's with the book, all CAPS!

It has been fun reminiscing about our page designs. For us, we wanted a spot in our blog to memorialize the changes.

If you have feedback about our look and feel, features you want added, please leave a comment here or on the FictionDB Facebook page, or FictionDB Twitter works too.

Our 2011 design with a simplified logo, more book graphics on the homepage.

The 2013 look. Similar, but different.

The 2015 design. We're back to the mixed case logo.

2016, a cleaner look, and we added back the book graphic to our logo, and all CAPS!

2020 ... and here we are today! Happy reading, folks!